Parody of Michael Bublé's "Everything"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals, instruments and production

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    I'm a monster truck
    I'm a 30-point buck
    I'm that cool relief
    After throwing up
    I'm a table dance
    I just conquered France
    In my Silver Surfer underpants

    I'm a taser jolt
    I'm a doomsday cult
    And when you Google Stud McMuffin I'm the top result
    I trip fire alarms
    I've got Popeye's arms
    And I'm the lucky in your Lucky Charms

    And I'm insaaanely cool
    And I'm insaaanely hot
    It's true, it's true
    I'm freaking king
    I'm every scheme
    I'm every dream
    I'm everything

    I walk hallowed ground
    I'm the lightning round
    The thrill of finding bags
    At the lost and found
    I'm an X-Wing flight
    I sweat kryptonite
    And I spank Chuck Norris twice a night

    I'm a Beaver Scout
    I'm a jailbait pout
    I'm a Robitussin buzz before it knocks you out
    Even God's impressed
    With my IQ test
    And if I sleep alone I'm with the best

    And I'm insaaanely bad
    And I'm insaaanely good
    I last and last
    As long as Sting
    I'm every bling
    I'm every schwing
    I'm everything

    I'm berry cream
    And I'm Larry King
    Yes, I am everything
    Yeah yeah

    I'm la la la la la la lovely
    So la la la la la la-la-la la love me

    © 2008+ Spaff, LLC