Parody of Coldplay's "Yellow" (Berry/Buckland/Champion/Martin)
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

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Look how the ward
They brought dessert for you
They brought a salad too
And it was all Jell-o

Oh bless their hearts
They heard you got the flu
So they brought all this food
It's wall-to-wall Jell-o

When I got feeling bold
I ate that brownish mold
It's apricot Jell-o

Babe please
I need a jiggly fix
Grate cheese
And lots of carrot sticks
You know
I've got a Cool Whip soul

With chunks of pineapple

I went to school
I went to lunch with you
My friends'd join us too
And we would snarf Jell-o

We used a straw
Or just our mouth and nose
Sometimes we'd overdose
And then we'd barf Jell-o

I fear
Your alcoholic brother brought
These here
I think they're Jell-o shots
Oh dear
My favorite flavor is lime

We could pretend they're just fine

Let's brew-ooh
A batch of Berry Blue-ooh...

Look at the spread
The neighbors brought for you
Funeral potatoes too

For the uninitiated: Utahns are the world's leading purchasers of Jell-o. Whether they are the leading consumers of Jell-o is another question entirely, for Utahns are also renowned for the construction of terrific Jell-o molds, which usually are gifted to unsuspecting members of the local congregation (ward). Also, Mormons eschew alcohol but are quite fond of a casserole popularly called "funeral potatoes"; the correlation of these facts continues to elude scholars.

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