SUPERFROG (It's Not Easy to Be Green)
Parody of Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

M. Spaff Sumsion: Lead Vocal
Robert Lund: Everything Else

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I can't stand to swim
Swamps soak right through me
I'm not amphibian
I just play one on TV

I'm more than a sock
I'm more than a frog
I'm more than some banjo player on a log
And it's not easy to be green

Wish that I could say
What's with the Elmo fuss
Are Bert and Ernie gay?
Is Snuffleupagus?

My friends seem bizarre
Perhaps DUI
But even monsters need a sugar high
I'm only a frog
With ping-pong ball eyes
Riding my bicycle with spindly thighs
And it's not easy to be green

Time to put on makeup, light the lights
And dress up right
On the Muppet Show tonight
I'm not gonzo
But Gonzo is

Wish that I had taped
Electric Company
Wish I could escape
The pigs that hit on me

I'm only a frog
With sex appeal
Walking 'round naked 'cept for this collar deal
Only a frog
With a licensing fee
Missing Jim Henson's hand inside of me

Inside of me...

I'm only a frog with styrofoam feet
Workin' the rough side of Sesame Street
I'm only a frog in the Disney machine
And it's not easy

It's not easy
To be

© 2003+
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