Parody of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals
Bob Emmet: Instruments and production

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  • This was never the place I planned
    For my vacation
    So I just swim, drink in hand
    For rehydration
    I'm not a pool lover
    I freeze when I get out
    But I've rediscovered
    One sweet sensation

    I peed in the pool and I liked it
    It saved me a trip to the toilet
    I peed in the pool 'stead of waiting
    I hope they've been chlorinating
    It felt so warm
    It felt so right
    It helped resolve my stage fright
    I peed in the pool and I liked it
    I liked it

    This pool's the best one I have tried
    Nice diving board and slippery slide
    But if you wind up by my side
    You'd best start backstroking
    'Cause oops I just did it again!

    I peed in the pool for the glory
    Of staking out my territory
    I should get out but I cheated
    Now it's not just solar-heated
    Finding a john
    Is much too hard
    Don't see one in your backyard
    I peed in your pool and I liked it
    I liked it!

    © 2008+ Spaff, LLC