Parody of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

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Uh huh - I've seen those
Uh huh, uh huh - Fiber-optic trees
It spins and glows
Uh huh, uh huh - We got four of these

Slow down - what we shoppin' for?
This town's got too many stores
And if we hit one more TJ Maxx
I'll collapse!

Let's go home and watch the game
Before I go more insane
We'll park 'round the creche and play with fate
To navigate

The trains on the floor
The wreaths on the door
The icicle strands
The nutcracker bands
Reindeer on the lawn
The fear of the monstrous tree
Tell me

Don't you think the house is just a bit too decorated?
We just plug in the
Lights and every circuit in the state's obliterated
Every year we
Got the noise
From the toys
Garland chains
Candy canes
Santa's sleigh
And the spray-on snow
Compared to us the Rockefeller Center is understated
Ho ho ho

At night, man our yard's a trip
More lights than the Vegas strip
We're the only residential place
Seen from space

Neighbors claim they're going blind
We should hang some warning signs
It's a shame when friends misplace their young
Here among

The trains on the floor
The angels galore
The star chandeliers
The china from Sears
The gingerbread boys
The voice from the talking tree:
Flock me!

Why'd you have to go and buy all these decorations?
All this elec-
tricity would light a couple Eastern European nations
Every year we
Got the stress
Of the guests
Hanging socks
And the box-
es and bows
Heaven knows that we are
Livin' in a house like Chevy Chase's in the third Vacation
Ho ho -

Don't you think the house is just a bit too decorated?
The children found your
Egg nog, now they're sledding off the roof intoxicated
Every year you
Deck the halls
And the malls
On the red
And the green
When it's cleanup time you'll
Find me at the beach on Christmas Island where I've relocated

Ho ho ho

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