Parody of The Temptations' "My Girl"

Claude Prez and M. Spaff Sumsion: Lyrics
Chris Mezzolesta: Voiceover
Robert Lund: Vocals, instruments, and production

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    I've got NyQuil
    When my snot turns green
    And when my gut's too large
    I've got phenfluoramine

    But on my shelf
    My best drug's not for myself
    Midol (Midol) (Midol!)
    Talkin' 'bout Midol (Midol!)

    When Aunt Flow stays distant
    I've got the queen of freaks
    But I gotta hide in the basement
    Every four-point-three weeks

    I guess you'll axe
    What can make my girl relax?
    Midol (Midol) (Midol!)
    Give her some Midol (Midol!)

    This medication is for the temporary relief of discomfort and is not intended to treat such common symptoms as:
    • Mood swings
    • Irritability
    • Celibacy
    • Demonic possession
    • Threat of divorce
    • Threat of castration with a bottle opener
    • Desire to obtain nuclear weapons - and then launch them at your selfish, lazy, slovenly, uncaring, good-for-nothing butt

    She don't need no flowers
    No kisses or hugs
    All she neeeeds from you, brother
    Is drugs drugs drugs drugs

    I guess you'll state
    I'm glad men don't menstruate
    Midol (Midol) (Midol!)
    Stock up on Midol (Midol!)

    (Please take more Midol)
    I've got shelter from the crimson tide with Midol
    (Give my girl Midol)
    All that saves my butt from homicide is Midol

    Use only as directed. May God be with you.

    Lyrics © 2003+ Claude Prez; © 2006, 2010+ Spaff, LLC