Fay Wray, Jessica Lange, Naomi Watts. The guy may be a knuckle dragger, but you can't fault him for his taste.

Parody of Aerosmith's "Dream On"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals, instruments and production

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    Every time that I climb your apartment
    I get fines from the po-lice department
    They strafe me too

    With my height
    Pants won't stay on
    Seems to scare the babes
    And all I get's bananas for my pay

    Oh no, nobody knows
    Just how bad my back hair grows
    I know it's never gonna thin
    Think I'll get waxed and go

    If you faint like my girlfriend Fay Wray did
    You may wake up insimianated
    Too bad she's gone
    Other flings
    Smell like the zoo

    Scream with me
    Scream-movie junkies
    Scream for the reigning king of the monkeys
    Scream with me
    Scream like Fay Wray
    Maybe tomorrow a big ape will take you away

    Scream with me
    Screaming's aerobic
    Scream like you're blitzed or gorillaphobic
    Scream, shorty
    Dress for our date
    I'm just a tourist - we'll check out the Empire State

    King Kong
    King Kong
    King Kong
    King of all the primate dudes

    King Kong
    King Kong
    King Kong
    King of ugly hairy nudes

    King Kong
    King Kong
    King Kong
    King Kong

    Scream with me
    Scream, sweet Naomi
    Scream like you're kissed by Adrien Brody
    Scream with me
    Jessica Lange
    'Cause your career 'bout died when they saw you ape-banged

    Scream, Mothra
    Godzilla, bite me
    Buzz off, Joe Young, your ass ain't so Mighty
    Scream with me
    Straight to the bank
    Hey, we're all bad, but there's no bigger monkey to spank

    © 2005+ Spaff, LLC