Hairy potter

Parody of Smash Mouth's "All Star"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals, instruments, and production

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    Somebody once told me
    His school would not enroll me
    I wished I'd stuck with Muggles instead
    'Cause I'm freaked by the occult
    And I swear a lightning bolt
    Was the shape of the scar on his forehead

    The books keep coming and the films keep coming
    And you thought Star Wars was a little mind-numbing
    Must the whole world be an H.P. fan?
    It's a Sirius pain in the Azkaban
    So much to read! So much to knock!
    Is this virus called Norwalk or Warlock?
    So try every spell you've been shown
    I'd rather be Sorcerer's Stoned

    Hey now
    You've got Hogwarts
    You got floo dust - on me
    Hey now
    You've got Wormtail
    And your friends are - Weasley
    Ride that broom till you're sore
    'Cause you put the dumb in Dumbledore

    You've got house elves with attention disorders
    And a one-track mind that's nine and three quarters
    Hey, your mentor just might be a centaur
    And if you've gone mad, blame Dr. Dementor
    That Whomping tree's got really mean wood
    For some good love call Luna Lovegood
    My goblet's on fire! My butt feels worse!
    Sitting through this stuff's an Unforgivable Curse

    Hey now
    You've got Hogwarts
    And your Crookshanks - bit me
    Hey now
    You've got Mudblood
    You've got Yule balls - yearly
    My name's not Merv Gryffindor!
    Eat Cornelius Fudge...

    I met a male fairy
    Who said, Hello, I'm Harry
    I guess he'd never heard about Nair
    I said, Witch!
    Gimme that snitch!
    You little son of a Quidditch!
    And your dog's got an extra pair

    Of heads!
    The wolves keep howling and the owls keep owling
    There's a vault full of gold here for J.K. Rowling
    Tom Riddle me this: Would a snake prefer
    A bird named Fawkes or a fox named Fleur?
    So Peter's a rat? Hermione's a cat?
    And when it's Snape's shift will he shape shift?
    And is it Cho Chang or Chang Cho?
    I'll never last through the last show

    Hey now
    You've got Hogwarts
    Tell your hat to - sort me
    Hey now
    You're a horcrux
    And you're uni - corny
    All your wands are too short
    And you put the emo in Voldemort

    Ride those brooms till you're sore
    'Cause you put the dumb in Dumbledore

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