Parody of Green Day's "21 Guns"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Bob Emmet: Instruments and production
Robert Lund: Vocals and production

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    Janet's bakery is on the next block
    Man her pastries totally rock
    People line up around the clock
    For a pie or cookie or muffin

    But the goods that make her renowned
    Are white hot but perfectly browned
    Foodies come from miles around
    'Cause she's got

    Unbeatable buns
    Tender and firm
    Well worth the price
    Unbelievable buns
    Taking them home
    Once would be nice

    Maybe twice

    Self control gets melted away
    When she's got her buns on display
    I can't wait for free sample day
    'Cause her cupcakes are totally smokin'

    When she asks if I wanna roll
    My poor mind spins out of control
    Like that guy made of Poppin' Fresh dough
    I wanna poke 'em

    Unbeatable buns
    Bangin' baguettes
    Holy focaccia
    Unbelievable buns
    Scandalous scones
    One bite and she's gotcha

    Unparalleled buns
    Hot as hot damn
    Sinful as Sodom
    Unforgettable buns
    Squeezably sweet
    Top rack or bottom

    Dude, she's got 'em!

    © 2009+ Spaff, LLC