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Parody of Nena's "99 Luftballons"/"99 Red Balloons"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals, instruments and production

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    Jugs and orbs and darts and gourds
    Elmer Fudds and bouncing Buddhas
    Sweater stretchers, lung protectors
    Beach umbrellas, frost detectors
    Scooby Snacks and snake-eyes dice
    Jell-o molds and high-beam lights
    Every day I probably use
    99 words for boobs

    Humpty Dumplings, Hardy Boys
    Double lattes, Ode to Joys
    Hooters, shooters, physics tutors
    Bobbsey Twins and bald commuters
    MRE's and PFD's
    Snow-white dwarfs, Picasso cubes
    99 words for boobs

    Gerber servers, holy grails
    Whoopee cushions, humpback whales
    Flying saucers, traffic stoppers
    Super Big Gulps, Double Whoppers
    Pillows, billows, Don DeLillos
    Soft-serve cones and armadillos
    Pimped-out hubcaps, inner tubes
    99 words for boobs

    Midget earmuffs, warming globes
    Strobes and probes and frontal lobes
    Knockers, honkers, knicker bonkers
    Smurfs and Screaming Yellow Zonkers
    Tannin' cannons, Mister Bigs
    Big bad wolves and Porky Pigs
    Jogging partners, saline noobs
    99 words for boobs

    [Italicized verses from "Augmented Version"]

    Chesticles and lady bags
    Gorgonzolas, fake Montags
    Ta-tas, nyah-nyahs, Baba Wawas
    Trouble bubbles, Lady Gagas
    Cupcakes, milkshakes, melons, pups
    Snuggle bunnies, double-ups
    Lubbly jubblies, Jiffy Lubes
    99 words for boobs

    Udders, brudders, head lamps, sweets
    Pistols, Bristols, tricks and treats
    Baps, block busters, beach balls, boulders
    Bottles, bombs, bikini holders
    Ladies' lefts and women's rights
    Thunder balls and mozzie bites
    Lollies, Lulus, luftballoons
    99 words for boobs

    Two-point jumpers, Bambi's Thumpers
    Rubber baby buggy bumpers
    Rutabagas, Chi Omegas
    Schwag the showgirls show in Vegas
    Congo bongos, bowling pins
    Fast-pitch softballs, siamese twins
    Your claims I'm breast-obsessed are true
    We're quite a pair 'cause I'm a boob too

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