Mr. Claus, if you're Nast-y

Parody of Crosby, Stills & Nash's "Wasted on the Way"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: Vocals and production

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    Look at Santa
    Just another aging hippie
    Wanting bud but lighting Christmas trees instead
    Big ol' beard and gut
    Says it's far out, dude, to see ya
    I'd swear he's Jerry Garcia, but that guy is Dead

    And there's
    So much smoke escaping
    From his bag of gifts
    Kris Kringle's wasted on the sleigh
    So much jolly laughter
    Tripping through the air
    Man, those brownies must have carried him away

    Wake up Christmas morn
    There's a funky smell that lingers
    Someone's scarfed up all the Zingers and the pumpkin pie
    There's a scribbled card
    Saying Merry Wanna Christmas
    When you open up the gifts you'll get a contact high

    So much time inhaling
    Chronic Christmas cheer
    Saint Nick is wasted on the sleigh
    So much double parking
    With his air-brushed deer
    Bet the Mounties come and carry him away

    So much scrambled egg nog
    Dripping off his beard
    Santa is wasted on the sleigh
    So much reckless flying
    With his stoner deer
    Watch the Mounties come and carry him away

    Yep, the Mounties came and carried him away

    © 2005, 2010+ Spaff, LLC
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