Parody of Allan Sherman's "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" (itself a parody of Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours")

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: All vocals, instruments, and production

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    Hello Daddy, hello Mommy
    Here I am with President Romney
    How'd Barack get devastated?
    Blame Obamacare, the monster Mitt created

    Mitt says our land needs reformin'
    'Cause it's not completely Mormon
    So protesters must speak softly
    And the War on Drugs now targets tea and coffee

    For his talks with dignitaries
    Mitt just sends the missionaries
    And state dinners - gee, they're mellow
    All the heads of state bring casserole and Jell-o

    Heads on Rushmore - you would dig 'em
    Mitt just sculpted Brother Brigham
    And the anthem needed switchin'
    So it's now "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"

    Oh my word
    He got elected
    Oh my gosh
    How unexpected
    'Cause he's quite
    Exceptionally white
    His A.G. Gladys Knight

    Oh my heck
    The far right trounces
    Mormon lives
    So Mitt renounces
    Plural wives
    But deep down they're OK
    As long as none are gay

    Now I don't know where we're headin'
    But it might be Armageddon
    So you sinners better move it
    'Cause we're in the latter days and Mitt will prove it

    I must meet the Elders' Quorum
    At the White House here in Orem
    So I'll run now - this is awesome
    We'll be swearing in Chief Justice Donny Osmond!

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