NUDE (The Ibiza Beach Song)
Parody of "Smooth" by Santana f/ Rob Thomas
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

Danny Larsen: Lead Guitar
Robert Lund: Everything Else

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I'm riding shotgun
You're driving out into the Spanish sun
We're not Midwestern we're Mediterranean
At least for this week

Southwest Ibiza
The sign says Playa Naturista
Just don't know what I'm readin'
Oh well, this looks sweet

When locals said this spot's no tourist trap
You chose this beach, but holy crap!
Almost sprained my eyes
From all these babes and dudes
'Cause they're so nude!

And it's just like the showers
Down at the gym
But baby I could stay for hours 'cause it's not just men
This hottie's comin' over - jeepers - she's so nude, and
Did she take off
Her swimsuit
Or just forget to wear it?

I'll tell you one thing
My travel photos won't be dull again
I turn to nudge you and I find you're dressed the same
Now I'm freaked out

Sensory overload
My heart is croaking like a horny toad
Somebody stop the spinning world
I'm worn out from
Looking around and round

And when you said this beach was cool 'n' stuff
Who'd guess you'd be here in the buff?
I've sunburned my eyes
Though staring seems so rude
But you're so nude!

And you dive in the ocean
Come back to dry
But if you ask for help with lotion, well I might just die
You really shoulda warned me that this beach was nude, and
Did you take off
Your swimsuit
Or just forget to wear it?

And I'm no freaking showman
No big display
But when in Spain, do like the Romans - ain't that what they say?
I streak into the ocean yelling "Me so nude!" and
Don't give me back
My swimsuit
'Cause I refuse to wear it
Yeah just forget about it
'Cause I refuse to wear it...

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