Mayor McCheese. Not pictured: Me.

Parody of Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

Back in line at Mickey D's
Jonesin' for a shake
And I's feelin' near as greasy as my fries
Pickin' up a double cheese
For our double date
Although I knew he'd go straight to my thighs

I grabbed condim-ents
In them squarish plastic packets
'n we slipped off behind the drive-tha-roough
Filled our orders - special ones
Like hold the pickle, toast my buns
We tried every treat on his men-u

Nugget's just another word
For no meat left to use
Nuggets - if ya got 'em honey, please show me
I hope you got 'em Super Size 'cause that's the size I choose
Ya know, Biggie Size ain't big enough for me
Big enough for me and my Mayor McCheese

From the Kentucky chicken
To the California rolls
McCheesy shared his off-the-menu deals
Through all kinds of munchies
From when we smoked McBowls
The mayor put the Happy in my Meals

One day at Super Wal-Mart, though
He fled the Mickey D's
He's lookin' for fresh meat and I hope he finds it
But I miss them special sauces
Come and slip me mo yo beef
Honey, even if I catch mad cow disease

Freedom's just another word
For blowin' off the French
Freedom - that's the way the mayor kissed me
And when I cried for freedom fries he knew just what I meant
Some freedom bread, a freedom wine, and thee
Wear that freedom tickler, Mayor McCheese

La da da, la Mc Dah nah's
La da da da da da Kroc
La da da da la da da da got a Mayor McCheese

Lord I called him my Whopper
I called him Big Mac
I said I called him Hamburglar but I took it back, c'mon
Hey, no Grimace now
Hey ya Mayor McCheese, yeah
I'm a-lovin' lovin' lovin' lovin' lovin' lovin' lovin' it
Weigh - too - much -
Thanks to McD's...

© 2004+
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