Parody of The Association's "Windy"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion
Bonus "wieners" verse by Ted Rosen

Ted Rosen: Male Vocal, Female Vocal, Electric Guitar, MIDI
Chris Douglass: Backing Vocal and Sage Advice
The Fabulous Maeve Murphy: Flute
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Who's making dates in prisons in Baghdad
Flashing a grin that's whiter than trash?
Who's hanging out with naked Iraqis?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

Who's stripping down to frighten her prisoners
Smiling at everyone on her leash?
Who's reaching down to light them with glowsticks?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

And Lynndie likes S and M
And bondage and disciplenn
And Lynndie subdues her men
In Abu Ghraib (In Abu Ghraib)
In Abu Ghraib (It's like spring break!)

[Solo by hooded flute player]

And Lynndie scores piles of tail
Her future looks bright as hell
Good thing she got used to jail
In Abu Ghraib (In Abu Ghraib)
In Abu Ghraib (Don't pass Go, babe!)

Who played along with psychos like Graner
Making their tapes of Privates Gone Wild?
Who went so far they had to restrain 'er?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

Who's coming out to speak to reporters
Claiming those "psy ops" ain't so unique?
Who may have been just following orders?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

Who's smokin' cigs and pointing at wieners?
With bags on their heads? It should have been she
Who copped a plea to cover her boyfriend?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

Who represents Iraq's occupation
To every fan of Arab TV?
Who's now become the face of our nation?
Everyone knows it's Lynndie

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