Parody of "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray and/or Uncle Kracker
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

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Sittin' on logs and roastin' s'mores
In a camp at the end of your secret trail
But I'm losin' blood through all of my pores
Although you meant well
I'm itchin' like hell!

Oh, gimme the DEET, boy, and spray my clothes
I wanna fight off all the mo-squi-toes
They're thick today
Oh, hit me with DEET, boy, from ears to toes
A big ol' mosquito flew up my nose
I'm ticked today!

Thanks for the tent that you shared with me
It's cool you go camping and take me along
I like to be here with the lake and trees
So I hate to complain -
The bugs are insane!

Oh, give me the DEET, boy, the good Lord knows
I'm catchin' West Nile from these mo-squi-toes
I'm bit today
Oh, give me the DEET, boy - this campground blows
And take me someplace where the windows close
I quit today!

(Lather, rinse, repeat)

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