Parody of Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up the Sun"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

Dori Townsend: Vocals
Robert Lund: Everything Else
Sample/Download from the Mad Music Archive

My friend the pacifist
Holds love-ins in her disco
She marches naked through
D.C. and San Francisco

I'm not a fan of war
I find myself conflicted
But one thing I know for sure
Saddam Hussein's a dickhead

I - wanna blow up Saddam
Wanna shove a smart bomb
Up his beret
I gotta tell ya that I
Wanna splatter his yard
With his Republican Guard
And his son Uday
I wanna blow up Saddam

I feel Iraqi pains
They're sanctioned, Bushed, and Powelled
But that ends the day Hussein's
Disarmed and disemboweled

What's with Germany and France
Refusing to give war a chance?
They must've spaced off World War II
To make them act the way they do
Maybe we should get them too!

I - wanna blow up Saddam
He's been a dork for so long
Let's nail him good
Bet Mister Rogers would say
Blow the bastard away
So it's a beautiful day
In Ali-hood

(Repeat first chorus)

I - wanna blow up Saddam
This ain't a new Vietnam
It's more like my prom

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