(Robert Blake Version)

Lyrics transcribed by M. Spaff Sumsion
Audio captured by Rick Duncan
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Outside the Van Nuys, CA, courthouse, somebody handed Robert Blake a guitar, and he launched into "Over the Rainbow." Honestly.
It turns out, however, that his version varied subtly from the original:

Someone shot Bonny Bakley
No, not I
Why's this heat on me lately?
I got an alibi

Someone bumped off the bimbo
My life's bleak
Stuck in Court TV limbo
Me and that Jackson freak

Someday I'll be an A-list star
And crowds who hear me play guitar
Will thank me
"Baretta" will return again
And other convicts in the pen
Won't call me Spanky

Someone shot Bonny Bakley
Not me, kid
I ain't shot no one lately
Maybe Phil Spector did

If OJ Simpson whacks his wife
And goes scot-free then
Why oh why can't I?

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