Hi. Spaff here. Back in May, 2007, I invited any band interested to perform/record "Hey Birthday Boy," an ultra-simple birthday song I wrote for Robert Lund's then-upcoming birthday.

The idea was (and remains) to collect as many versions of "Hey Birthday Boy" (and its transgendered twin, "Hey Birthday Girl") as possible, slap them onto a CD, and send copies of the CD to all the participants - as well as to funny music DJs like Dr. Demento, Captain Wayne (The Mad Music Show) and David Tanny (DFSX). And then, who knows? - maybe one of these recordings will become THE fave b-day tune for generations to come.

My original plan was to have the CD out by that July, but since (1) new recordings keep coming in, (2) a few committed bands haven't sent me their versions yet, and (3) I'm a procrastinator, the CD pressing has kept getting pushed back. However, I am 100% committed, thanks to nagging by Art Paul Schlosser, to get the CD completed and pressed during 2008.

What this means is that there's still time for YOU - or any musicians you know - to get in on the project.


We celebrate your birthday
Even if you don't
Be glad you're getting older
'Cause when you're dead you won't!
So happy happy birthday
From everyone you know
Now we will light the candles
And birth - day - boy - you - blow!


Here is a simple demo of the song, courtesy of Jake Waters (who graciously did this despite having a killer cold at the time):


1) Check out the demo and lyrics above, then record your version of the song. Put your unique musical stamp on it. Make it your own. Be the cake.

2) Optional: While you're at it, make a second recording, substituting "girl" for "boy" in the last line. I'll include both versions on the CD.

3) Send it to me. I'd prefer MP3s via email (spaff at spaff dot com), but I'm flexible. If you need a mailing address, let me know.


So far, here's who has sent me recordings of "Hey Birthday Boy" and/or "Hey Birthday Girl":

  • Odd Austin Aeschliman [Hear it on]
  • Phil Alexander (with Nonie, Richard, Edmund and Cecilia Alexander)
  • Rob Balder
  • Below Average Dave
  • Karl Brown [Hear his karaoke versions on YouTube]
  • The Charnstars
  • Rick Cormier
  • Rick Duncan
  • Floatation Device
  • Bob Guest
  • Eric Haines [Hear it on MySpace Music]
  • Carl Hatmaker [Hear it on]
  • Insane Ian f/ Michael C. Stettes
  • Merry & Pippin (with Roslyn Cossins)
  • Project Sisyphus
  • Dee Range & the Red Neck Mothers
  • Kristof Robertson
  • Art Paul Schlosser [Hear it on the CD Songs I Recorded on the Phone]
  • Tom Smith
  • Soggy Potato Chips
  • Spookster & the Scaremenots
  • Sudden Death [Hear it on the CD Fatal Error]
  • David Tanny [Hear it on the CD Stupid Audio 6.0]
  • TV's Kyle
  • Jake Waters

    I have also received commitments from:

  • Robert Lund
  • the great Luke Ski
  • Worm Quartet

    THANK YOU everyone who has contributed, especially for your patience. I promise that the CD is still going to happen. On the bright side, the delay is making the collection better. Or at least larger.